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Compost Winnipeg will grow a
healthy environmental future by
transforming community waste into a
community resource.

Of Winnipeg’s waste can be composted instead of producing greenhouse gases in our landfills.

Organic Waste Diverted


Since 2016

CO2e Emissions Prevented


Since 2016

tonnes diverted graph from 2014-2023
cup of compost with gradient level labels and chart

We are testing the performance and capacity of small scale composting options for a potential Compost Winnipeg facility.

cup of compost with gradient level labels and chart
group of people wearing facemasks standing in front of a coop grocery store
group of kids with pumpkins
vote for the city composting program
group of kids emptying compost collection bin into larger bin
collage of compost initiatives and events
woman wearing reflective vest and carrying compost collection bin outside on a sunny day with lots of plants in the background
pie chart showing sources of revenue for 2023 - 2024 fiscal year

*97% of residential customers were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with our service in a 2023 survey with 38% of residents responding