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Terms & Conditions

Residential Service:

  • Your compost bucket must be easily accessible, visible from the front street, and out on time from 7am until 6pm on your assigned pickup day. If this protocol is not followed, your compost will not be collected and you will need to wait until the following week for your next pick-up.
  • Pails must not be filled past the brim and bag must be tied. The lid can be placed on your pail but DO NOT SEAL COMPLETELY.
  • Overfilled pails, and any materials left outside the pail, will not be collected. If the weight exceeds 10kg you will receive a notification tag on your pail.
  • If you find you are short on space you can add a second pail for only $5 per month, plus the price of the pail ($15).
  • If you or someone in your household has been diagnosed with Covid 19, please put your service on hold.
  • Sanitize the high touch points of your bucket (rim, handle) before and after collection.
  • We work most holidays and will let you know if there is any change to the schedule via email.
  • In the event that you are away for a sequence of weeks, please feel free to contact us to put your service on hold until you return.
  • We do not issue refunds for service. Any remaining balance can be left as a credit on your account or you can choose to gift it to someone you know living in our service area.

Commercial Service:

1) General Collection Terms

  • Compost Winnipeg conducts its service in good faith with its clients, who we expect will make their best effort to abide by the terms of service outlined in this document. 
  • Compost Winnipeg will work with our clients to establish a collection schedule and clearly identify time windows for collection. These collection details will be outlined in the Access Plan and agreed to by both parties. Any requested collections that fall outside the collection window may be charged an additional fee (see Appendix B).
  • An Access Plan is established at the beginning of service which will detail the process by which our drivers will access the bins for collection. Any changes to this plan require a minimum of two weeks notice and must not cause any significant delays or barriers to collections.
  • Compost Winnipeg will provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice for any changes to the regular collection service window.
  •  If because of unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to make the collection during the service window, we will make every effort to make the collection as soon as we are able. 

2) Point of Contact

  • Clients must provide a list of all points of contact, and their roles, who will be involved in operations, on-site supervision, security, billing, or any other relevant staff.
  • Please inform Compost Winnipeg as soon as possible if there are any changes to points of contact resulting from staffing changes, changing roles, or for any other reason.

3) Barriers to Access

  • A “barrier to access” is anything that impedes our access to the bins during collection which is not outlined in the Access Plan.
  • Public works construction (e.g. street work, etc.) may result in delays to collections and/or may require the implementation of an alternative access plan. Alternative access plans may require our clients to change the location of their bins or offer alternative access points to the facility. Clients are expected to communicate with Compost Winnipeg staff to make alternative arrangements.
  • Clients are expected to make Compost Winnipeg aware of any planned renovation or construction projects taking place on their premises, that may impede access. 
  • Our drivers will only be required to accommodate barriers to access if it does not significantly delay or complicate the collection. Any significant impediment to access resulting in a missed pickup, will not be refunded. Any additional pickups requested by the client to make up for an impeded access will be scheduled based upon our availability and will be subject to an additional fee (see Appendix B) for the collection. 

4) Contamination

  • Compost Winnipeg generally expects our clients to respect the list of acceptable items identified in our Composting Guide and to make all reasonable efforts to educate their users about accepted items to put in our bins.
  • While a small amount of contamination is sometimes unavoidable, particularly when the bin is utilized by many users, we expect our clients to make reasonable efforts to increase education and signage to correct the improper usage.
  •  Clients will have an initial 30-day grace period to establish best practices for the use of organic waste bins, after which, significant contamination may result in the application of Additional Fees (see Appendix B). We will provide our clients with written notices and attached photos whenever significant contamination is present.

5) Bin Capacity

  • In the interest of client and employee safety, the client will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that bins are not loaded more than their manufacturer stated weight limit. Our standard 64 gallons (240 litres) bin has a maximum capacity of 109 kg. Other available bin sizes have a range of weight limits which will be confirmed in the Access Plan if applicable.
  • To ensure weight limits are not exceeded, the customer will avoid filling the bins above 2/3 when loading heavier, denser materials. Given the challenges of monitoring and estimating weights, Compost Winnipeg will identify, document, and notify the client of overweight bins when they are collected. 
  •  A 30-day grace period will be applied from the first date of collection before any overweight fees are applied in order to allow the client to make adjustments. If bins are persistently overfilled, Compost Winnipeg reserves the right to apply an overweight charge as outlined in Additional Fees (see Appendix B).

6) Bin Maintenance & Cleanliness

  • Clients are encouraged to rent bins from Compost Winnipeg. Our rental service includes bin maintenance and repairs (e.g. replacement of hardware, cracked bins, or stolen).
  • Compost Winnipeg must approve of any bins that the client wishes to re-use from a previous or alternate service provider. 
  •  We reserve the right to refuse collection of any client-owned bins that have not been properly maintained to ensure safety and efficiency for our drivers. Bins that are found in unusable condition will be charged as if they had been collected.
  • Our clients are expected to delegate adequate staff time to ensure a reasonable level of bin cleanliness. If this is not possible, Compost Winnipeg can offer a paid service to assist with bin cleaning in some cases.
  • All organic waste must be contained inside the bin liner, such that the lid is able to close completely. We will not collect anything left outside of or on top of the bin. 
  • Some clients may have particularly heavy, high moisture content materials that require other solutions to prevent bag tearing or significant leakage. Compost Winnipeg will work with our clients to provide solutions such as double bagging for an Additional Fee (see Appendix B).

7) Holiday Collection

  • Scheduled collections which happen to fall on statutory holidays will proceed as normal. Clients are responsible for ensuring normal access to bins during holidays. 
  • If a client’s premise is not accessible due to a holiday closure, it will be treated in the same manner as any other impeded access and no refunds will be issued accordingly. 
  • If a client wishes to request an additional pickup outside of their scheduled pickup window to make up for a holiday closure, the request will be subject to an Additional Fee (see Appendix B).
  • In cases where the client is unable to provide access to bins on holidays, we will provide an alternate holiday collection schedule.

Appendix B – Additional Fees

  • Unscheduled Collection Fee: $50 plus regular cost per bin
  • Contamination Fee: $25 per instance
  • Overweight Fee: 120kg to 149kg – $15 per bin , Over 150kg – $25 per bin
  • Double Bagging: $2 per bin
  • Other: N/A