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Our Compost

In partnership with EnvrioClean, Compost Winnipeg is thrilled to reach a major milestone; premium organic compost!

Your bag of compost is an exclusive gift and our way of saying thank you for all your support and patience. This is a valuable nutrient-rich by- product of all our hard work together!

That said, we still need a little more help! Please take a moment to complete our online survey linked below. Your feedback is crucial to the development of our product and its pricing.

Lastly, before use, please scroll on to learn what makes this compost so special and how to apply it to your plants or garden!

Thank you so much!

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Our unmatched process incorporates unparalleled environmental benefits, producing answers to some of the ecosystem’s most pressing problems.


Your opinion and feedback is very important to us. Please take 5 minutes or less to complete this online survey.



N- 1.6 – 2%

P- 0.8-1%

K- 0.6- 0.7%

Calcium- 2%+

Magnesium- 0.8-1%

Sulphur- 0.2-0.3%

Disclaimer: These values are an estimate and intended for general guidance only.


For Spent Soil:

Use a 1:8 ratio

For Enhanced Soil:

Use a 1:16 ratio

Your 2-liter bag of compost should be mixed with a 25-liter bag of topsoil. Once mixed, use as usual!

Please note: Due to the high nitrogen content, this compost should NOT be used with any enhanced soils, especially those with already high nitrogen content like Miracle Grow.


For the Garden:

Typically, soil will need replenishing after a full growing season. This means, if you already have a garden with “spent” soil, this product can be used to top-dress your garden beds. Appling 1/2 an inch of compost will achieve approximately a 1:8 ratio.

For house plants:

1 inch of compost can be placed on top for every 10 inches of ‘spent’ soil. Top-dressing can be done once every year or as needed.



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