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Can you share tips for maintaining clean bins in winter?

Here are few tips to maintain a clean bin and prevent it from freezing during winters:

  • Crumple up scrap paper into balls and put them in the bottom of your green bin before putting in any food or yard waste. 
  • Line your bin and layer your waste with crumpled-up newspaper, paper bags or soiled pizza/cardboard boxes.
  • Avoid storing your food scraps bin indoors between collections, as liquid can collect and freeze when moved outdoors.
  • Do not put liquids in the bin.
  • Freeze your food scraps in your freezer before putting it out in your green bin.
  • If material gets stuck inside the bin, use a broom or shovel handle to carefully loosen it.
  • Put your bin/pail out for every collection, even if it’s not full.

Our compost couriers try their best to get the frozen contents out from the bin, but sometimes the bins are not fully emptied when the contents are stuck at the bottom. Please note that this is not considered a missed collection.